We are saying to all child and youth groups, school classes, sport groups and associations, families with children and naturally to all other guests

warm welcome

Our residential area  offers every year, monts for monts  great programs, change and a lot of fun. We make available to you the colorful variety and  first impressions on this side und wish you a pleasant time by  searching.

Of course you may  contact us also personally. You reach the proper contact persons about our contact side.


  • KiEZ-Panorama-Tour

The KiEZ - Team
  Leadership:   Spöttle, Irmela
  Registration/Administration:   Peters, Sigrid

Hohmeyer, Kirsten

  Organisation/Information:   Büscher, Heidrun

Brandt, Rene

Krause, Renate
Meyer, Christa
  Services:   Riebau, Ingo
      Niemtschke, Christiane

Brack, Horst-Jürgen

Schmidt, Christiane
Bratsch, Marianne
Beye, Angela
Willkowski, Antje
  Kitchen:   Schulze, Bernd
      Pennigstorf, Harald
Pennewitz, Renate
Friedrich, Anke
Estel, Doretta

So finden Sie uns in Arendsee

Herzlich Willkommen am Arendsee, einem der tiefsten Einbruchseen Mitteldeutschlands. Egal ob Sie alleine, mit der Familie oder mit Freunden anreisen - bei uns können Sie entspannen, sich erholen, Sport treiben und zahlreiche Angebote nutzen, die wir im KIEZ Arendsee für Sie bereit halten.
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The quality standards for members of the BAG "KiEZe" e.V.

Location  and  surroundings

  • All KiEZ residential areas are located in famous touristic regions
  • Residential KiEZ areas are located in woodland, and not far away it is possible to bathe
  • In the midst of all residential KiEZ areas there are places for interesting tourist holidays
  • There are excellent transport junctions and local shields between KiEZ residential areas.
  • There are reliable partner communications with regional and interregional partners

Accommodation of guests

  • Spacious and comfortable rooms, furnished for groups of children and teenagers
  • Separate rooms for accompanying persons
  • For the individual organization of recreation rooms for joint living are provided as well
  • The sanitary equipment  mainly corresponds to the modern standard
  • The inventory   of all rooms satisfies  the  interests of children and teenagers,  and meets safety standards
  • In separate tourist points accommodation conditions are provided without protection


  • Dishes with accents of regional cuisine with respect to the age of tourists
  • Full board with various food rich with vitamins  (morning buffet for a breakfast, dinner or package with lunch, evening buffet for a supper)
  • Alternative dishes for allergic people
  • vegetarians, Muslims, diabetics menu, the grilled meal, organization of holidays
  • Free choice of cold and warm drinks
  • sale of souvenirs, snacks
  • Dinner halls for non-smokers

Games, sports and recreation

  • Various facilities for games, sports and recreation
  • Facilities for design and experimental work
  • Extensive indoor fields for sports, games and recreation
  • Fire in the wood-cutting area and a  field for a grill
  • Possibility for bathing in residential area or not far away from it
  • Possibilities of renting accessories for games and sports

Entertaining programs /Animation

  • Educational and thematic program weeks with consideration  of the age of tourists
  • Organization of recreation summer camps with adventures, special programmes and parties
  • Detailed methodical instructions and all support for an  animation group
  • A weighed approach to individual and group offers
  • Rooms for seminars, equipped with modern technics


  • All KiEZ residential areas are constantly controlled
  • Regular control of all technical devices and equipment
  • Consecutive realization of operating hygienic instructions and their regular control
  • Payment occurs after the services have been made and after display of the guarantee certificate
  • Regional partners, who render services, are controlled all the time for licenses


  • All tourist groups receive offers on a transfer during arrival and departure
  • There are parking places and public phones for the guests
  • A registration bureaus are open from 7:00 to 21:00
  • Personal greetings of guests and transfer of information over the recreation
  • All points of residing have an evident internal organizational system
  • In residential areas  non-cash payment is possible
  • Presence of equipment for children


  • Employees have the vocational education and a long operational experience
  • All employees are attentive, friendly and obliging in relation to guests
  • Employees flexibly react to all desires of tourists
  • All employees have a relevant friendly image and represent themselves to the guests, giving they names
  • Employees are opened for critical remarks and try to eliminate them immediately
  • Employees of settlements try to be guided in the work by a system of quality control


  • Each KiEZ tourist point has actual prospectuses and accurate price lists
  • Each KiEZ tourist point has an actual homepage on the Internet
  • All conditions of business dealing have been checked up and are identical
  • Order of rooms by mail, phone, fax, e-Mail or on the Internet
  • Guests' opinions are written down in guests’ books
  • Constant guests are regularly informed through tourist points KiEZ

Safety stays our top-priority when we plan the programs for children.
In the  residential  area  of  Arendsee  you can be sure to meet the following standards of safety:
  • a location which is distanced from a trackway and road traffic
  • an extensive, fenced complex with a site   of  9 hectares
  • facilities for games, sports and rest are situated within the area
  • parking places  for tourists and visiting guests, the area site is closed for unauthorized  cars
  • grounds for adventure games and sports, apparata and rest complexes are subject to technical control
  • the entrance gates are closed for the night
  • availability  of the ordered quantity of fire extinguishers and the fire prevention equipment which is regularly controlled
  • public  phone at any time
  • availability at any time of information material and information panels with instructions over phone numbers of emergency calls, drugstores, doctors, rescue services and clearing plans , naturally the personnel is ready to render you the feasible help
  • industrial technical premises with heating installation and electric equipment are constantly closed
  • all rooms, houses and floors are being closed
  • classes and groups are being lodged  separately on a floor, in the house or bungalow
  • the guaranty of hygienic norms control according to the standards of HACCP, modern and repaired kitchens with the trained personnel
  • hygienic norms are certainly a top priority in the area of Arendsee
  • in a day of arrival the employees will  instruct you about the sequence of events
  • the children are controlled by the same curators during the whole period of time and during the term of carrying out of actions. Curators receive both  the general  education and specific education for a touristic area

projects and invests

Department of Health and Human Services of the land Sachsen-Anhalt influences the development of these projects and invests federal means in accordance with the law about the construction  investments in the East of Germany.

I. The construction plan 1998-1999


  • Dormitory blocks  I and  II
  • Kitchen and dinner hall
  • Engineering services
  • A mini-golf ground


  • Department of Health and Human Services of the land Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Government "Altmarkkreis Salzwedel"
  • Own resources
II. The construction plan 2000-2002


  • Dormitory block  III
  • A bypass road for fire-brigades
  • A scheme of the territory

Newly-erected buildings:

  • 6 tourist bungalows


  • Department of Health and Human Services of the land Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Government "Altmarkkreis Salzwedel"
  • The Labour Department, Salzwedel
  • The company Lotto-Toto GmbH, Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Own resources
The reconstruction of the boiler-room 2002-2003

Sanation / Rearranging:

  • The registration bureau & an outhouse for games and sports


  • Department of Health and Human Services of the land Sachsen-Anhalt
  • The Labour Department, Salzwedel
  • The company Lotto-Toto GmbH, Sachsen-Anhalt
  • The fund of the registered union "The German youth mark"
  • Own resources
The Altmark garden 2005

Sanation / Rearranging:

  • Fallow site beside registration bureau


  • The Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture in the frames of the competition  "Activization of regions"-  the federal land works over the future
  • Own resources
The restoration of the leisure centre  2007

Sanation / Rearranging:

  • formerly children garden


  • The European Union initiative  LEADERS+
  • Government "Altmarkkreis Salzwedel"
  • Saving-bank Altmark West
  • Own resources

Objektplan vom KiEZ Arendsee

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Objektplan vom Campinghotel des KiEZ Arendsee

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Anfrage/ Reservierung von Leistungen

Felder mit einem Stern (*) sind Pflichtfelder und müssen ausgefüllt werden, damit wir auf Ihre Mail antworten und mit Ihnen in Verbindung treten können. Schon jetzt möchten wir uns für Ihr Interesse und Ihren Besuch auf unserer Internetpräsenz bedanken.

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Offers for leisure time organization beyond the KiEZ
<< Offers beyond Arendsee >>
Offers for leisure time in Arendsee:
A wind mill
Time of the visit on agreement/  25 people  (per person)
A walk in the forest
Time of the visit on agreement/  25 people  (per person)
Excursions on carriages with coachmen
From 15 up to 28 people, 1 hour of free time  (children)
A steamer with paddle-wheels "Queen"

Time of the tour on agreement

A beach bathhouse with a gigantic sliding chute
Discounts for groups of 20 and more people / 1 accompanying person for free

Less than 20 people


Time of the visit on agreement

Children under the age of 14 years
Children from 14 up to 18 years

Time of the visit on agreement

With a tour guide

Offers for leisure time organization  in the surroundings:
Serengeti park

Groups of 10 and more people under the age of 12 years

A bus excursion/ per person

In groups of 10 up to 19 chilldren 3 children get a free entrance!

In groups of 20 and more children 5 children get a free entrance!

The entrance is free for each twentieth child and an accompanying person!

"Heide-park" Soltau

A group of 10 and more people under the age of 17 years (a school reference)

Per person
A group of 20 and more people
A cinema park Babelsberg

A group of 20 and more people under the age of 18 years

Each tenth child is paid for by a grown-up
A bathing place Gartow

A group of 10 and more people under the age of 16 years

1,5 hours
3 hours
A bathing world in Wittenberge

A group of 10 and more people under the age of 16 years

1,5 hours
Children and accompanying people
4 hours
Children and accompanying people
Car-City Wolfsburg
Groups of 20 and more people
With a tour guide
A bus
A langobards’ village Zehtlingen

Groups from 20 people

Class/ from one person
With a tour guide
An excursion around Salzwedel

A group of 20 and more people under the age of 18 years

Minimal price
A bakery where a tree-cake is baked

A tour guide on agreement

(There can be some changes)

Leisure offers within the object
Indoor sports and play areas
Climbing, hockey, badminton, speedminton (depending on hours and demand)
A squash ground (depending on time of the day)
fitness area
Endurance, power and play equipment (depending on hours and demand)
Sportpaket (for groups)
  • TT- bats
  • 2 TT- balls
  • 1 Volleyball
  • 1 Football
  • 2 Games
  • 2 Card games
Renting  play and sports  equipment (prices depend on staying)
Football, volleyball and basketball
Table tennis, badminton and softball bats
Table tennis or badminton
Speedminton or badmintonset (renting fee for a day)
Spring rope or frisbee
Speedminton with a broken light during a day
Leisure house
Creative decorations for  new tastes!
A plate pizza
A plate cake
Waffles ( approx. 12 pieces)
Muffins (approx. 24 pieces)
Bread with herb-flowered butter
natural cellar
Making things out of natural materials
Mini-golf equipment
(depending on demand)
1 fried sausage
1 patty
1 steak
Preparing cakes  [on camp fire] (for each person)
Holidays (depending on participants)
Children’s holiday
Fool-round competition
Neptune holiday (groups)
Playmobil (for groups during each half day)
Free of charge
New! chimney
A club and seminar rooms

Creative offers for free time
The work of the creative centers: from 1,50 euros
Paper Cardboard Paper production
Natural materials Hay pictures and seasonal  flower arrangement Colouring of gypsum figures
Encaustic and felt works Ladle decoration Pug clayes
Salt pastry Ceramic painting and granite painting Laying-the-table services
Making sleepsnares Making  rainmakers Seeballs
Family plates Natural kaleidoscope Woodworking